Beco Inner Space Products Company History
Beco Inner Space Products, Inc. celebrates its 40-year anniversary in 2006. Founded in 1968 in Hollywood, Florida Becoís aim was to provide every scuba diver with safe, reliable, easy to use protection while diving.

Beco Inner Space Products quickly became the leading manufacturers of underwater protection with the .223 Powerhead. In just a few years they increased their product line to include the .357, .44mag and .12ga Powerheads. Beco was the first company to offer a Powerhead specifically designed to work on the end of a speargun without recoil, due to a revolutionary spring loaded design. For the first time ever a Powerhead could be used safely and effectively. With itís all stainless steel design Beco was the first Powerhead manufacturer to offer the combination of precision and affordability.

" A long engineering background has contributed to continual inventiveness over the years," said Wayne Bohlen, President. Today, Beco remains in the forefront of technology with itís latest products, the Alligator Pole, Penetrator and Gigs. Designed by Beco exclusively for the alligator hunters in the State of Florida, it has rapidly become the preferred choice of professional and amateur alligator hunters and trappers. " Beco strives to continue to provide itís customers with one of the broadest state-ofĖthe-art Powerhead products in the marketplace, providing increased profitability and competitiveness to customers and users. Becoís product line ensures optimum reliability and safety."

Beco is currently located in Miramar, just north of Miami, Florida in larger facilities to implement changes in both production and technology. " Because of the support we are able to offer our local and international customers, sales are at a record peak," said Regina Bohlen, Sales and Marketing Director.

One of the newest and most exciting products this year is a Folding Pole Spear and Pouch currently available along with all of Becoís products at your local Dive Shop or clients may browse our online catalog for a complete product line.

Since the inception of the "bangstick" technology, Beco has been the industry leader in developing easy to use Powerheads. A pioneer in scuba diving protection, Beco has long been recognized for producing user friendly Powerheads and Poles.

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