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.44 Magnum Fast Load PowerHead

Beco Products 44Mag PowerHead

This all stainless steel PowerHead is available with a barrel that accomodates .44Magnum, .44Maximum or the .444Marlin calibers.  Three PowerHeads in one!  Although the standard opening is 7/16" dia, bushing are available to utilize 3/8" or 5/16" poles.  A 3/8"dia model is available by special order.  To waterproof the shell, the manufacturer suggests using fingernail polish around the primer and also where the bullet presses into the casing.  BECAUSE OF THE DESIGN OF THIS POWERHEAD, IT IS RECCOMMENDED FOR COMMERCIAL USE ONLY.
Weight: 13oz Opening: 7/16" dia
Threads: 6mm, 7mm, 5/16-24 Price: $169.90